COVID Community Wellness Program

Does your community have the tools and support to provide an effective community wellness program? Our solutions will champion your approach to public health and wellness.

Why SDxLabs? We make testing simple and convenient.

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    Rapid turnaround time.

    We optimize turn-around time and deliver fast and reliable test results to our customers.

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    Elevated client centric experience.

    We are focused on delivering a positive experience and provide end-to-end support.

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    Certified CLIA Lab.

    Our lab offers high quality laboratory testing from experts, so you get the best care possible when we work to deliver fast, accurate results.

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    Customizable workplace testing solutions.

    Our testing services are turnkey, scalable, and can be tailored to support both small and large volume requests.

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    Changing the paradigm of healthcare intervention.

    Our bioanalytical technology engine and innovative research gives us the ability to deliver to you cutting edge diagnostic testing.

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    Regional focus with Pittsburgh roots.

    We proudly support and provide testing solutions in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas.

Protect your organization with COVID-19 testing services

Help keep your employees, student body, colleagues, or production crew safe with SDxLabs COVID-19 testing. Our turnkey program can be implemented immediately and deliver accelerated results with our main priority on accuracy, efficiency, and customer service with a regional focus.

Our laboratory testing menu

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COVID-19 Monitoring

Help keep your employees, student body, colleagues, or production crew safe with workplace monitoring. Our turnkey program can be implemented immediately and deliver results with accuracy and efficiency.


Water Management

Wastewater Monitoring

Monitor your community for early signs of disease spread with wastewater monitoring. Sewage testing is a cost-effective way to provide trend data for an entire community and can be successful in revealing infection dynamics earlier than diagnostic testing.


1-womens health

Coming Soon!
Women’s Health

SDxLabs will soon be offering genetic tests to support women’s health needs. From planning a family to prenatal testing, our tests will provide individualized analysis for each patient that can make a difference in health outcomes for families.