Knowledge empowers proactive healthcare decisions

We focus on diagnostics that provide impactful results, illuminating the next steps towards proactive healthcare.

The Impact of Noninvasive Diagnostics

Our noninvasive testing and screening services offer patients a low-risk and convenient way to learn more about their health. We believe noninvasive diagnostics optimize patient comfort and quality of care while providing pertinent information that helps patients determine next steps.

Our research through Signature uses a platform of noninvasive liquid biopsy to predict, detect, and understand complex health conditions.

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Prompt and Reliable Result Delivery

We maintain a competitive result turnaround time for all of our services

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Unmatched Support

We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and attentive patient experience

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Proudly Pittsburgh Based

We are proud to operate out of our hometown and engage with the innovative medical community of Pittsburgh, PA

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Noninvasive Approach

We aim to minimize discomfort by using noninvasive methods of sample collection

Committed to Women’s Health

We are driven to surpass the accepted standards of women’s healthcare by offering testing and screening services that meet clinical needs and support the guidance of academic institutions. Our services enable patients to understand risks and make informed decisions for pregnancy as well as other women’s health conditions.

Noninvasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) for Expectant Mothers

As early as week 10, determine the risk that your developing baby has a chromosome disorder with noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS).

Striving for Equity

We are combatting obstacles to equitable care by expanding accessibility, affordability, and education of our services for all patients. Our goal is to engage proactive healthcare opportunities by supporting each patient’s financial and accessibility needs.

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