Let us introduce ourselves – get to know SDxLabs

At SDxLabs we are harnessing our research to offer diagnostics testing. We believe that knowledge empowers proactive healthcare decisions, so we are working to provide our patients with the answers they need.

Our greatest accomplishments start with a great vision

Our vision is to expand access to cutting edge diagnostics, enabling early disease detection to elevate the standard of care.

The framework on which we work is our core values

  • Integrity and Quality

    We uphold the integrity and quality of our research and data so those we serve can put their trust in us to deliver cutting-edge diagnostic tests with results that are accurate and reliable.

  • Committed

    We are committed to increasing access to diagnostic testing to help detect disease early giving patients the best chance at successful treatment.

  • Dedication and Impact

    We are dedicated to our research to deliver impactful solutions using technology to improve and reshape the healthcare sector.

  • Passion

    Our passion for proactive medicine and early intervention drives us to create new, noninvasive diagnostic tests that elevate patient comfort and lower the risk of complications. 

  • Collaboration

    Our multi-disciplined team collaborates to provide a holistic, unique approach to developing solutions that will improve health outcomes for patients and enhanced satisfaction of clients.

SDx Labs