Community COVID-19 testing sites for organizations and individuals

COVID-19 Testing is Critical

It is critical for organizations and individuals to have convenient access to COVID-19 testing to ensure that everyone stays healthy and informed. Regular testing can promptly identify and isolate infected people, including those with or without symptoms, so that measures can be taken to prevent further transmission.

Local Resources for Organizations

For organizations that do not have the resources to test for COVID-19 on site, the CDC recommends collaborating with community-based testing sites for a centralized testing location. SDxLabs has partnered with over 50 pharmacies in the greater Pittsburgh area to help provide better access to COVID-19 testing in the communities we serve. Samples are collected at the partner sites and sent to SDxLabs for processing.

Tests are comfortable and accurate with PCR saliva-based sample collection

No long stays in waiting rooms with potentially COVID-19 infected individuals

Results provided in next day with samples processed by a Pittsburgh based lab

Support small businesses by testing at locally owned pharmacies

When and how to test at a community testing site

Individuals that need to be tested should be instructed to visit the community testing site. COVID tests will be administered on-site at the community location and will be sent to SDxLabs for processing. Patients will receive a result report the following day by way of their selected method - email, phone, or USPS.

Get a COVID-19 test at a community testing site when:

  • There is reason to suspect an individual may be infected, or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

  • An individual has recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19 

SDxLabs COVID-19 Community Testing Sites

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      What Is the Test?

      PCR COVID-19 testing is an easy and convenient test to detect for SARS-CoV-2. The test uses a self-collected saliva specimen that is provided by simply spitting several times into a test tube. This test is non-invasive making it comfortable for everyone.

      Who pays for the tests?

      For Patients experiencing symptoms or suspect exposure, SDxLabs will bill Medicare, Medicaid, or 3rd party insurance.

      Explore COVID-19 Community testing sites for your school