Wastewater monitoring for COVID-19

Wastewater monitoring with droplet digital PCR

Monitor your community for early signs of disease spread with wastewater monitoring. Symptomatic and asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infected individuals shed viral RNA in sewer systems, therefore analysis of SARS-CoV-2 in sewage networks provides information about COVID-19 infection within the community.

Wastewater monitoring for SARS-CoV-2 detects virus 6 Days before clinical testing

What are the advantages of wastewater infectious disease surveillance?

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    Early Warning

    Forecast changes in COVID-19 community burden by addressing testing gaps and providing an early warning for outbreaks

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    Data Trends

    Monitoring of wastewater can be used to establish trends in current outbreaks, identify new outbreaks, and prevalence of infections

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    Infection Rate

    Provides data on the average infection rate of thousands of people and serves as an indicator that is independent of healthcare-seeking behaviors

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    Low Cost

    Collecting and testing a small number of wastewater samples is much more cost-efficient for obtaining population-wide data

Is wastewater surveillance right for my community?

Wastewater surveillance is a developing field. Health departments setting up a sewage-based infectious disease surveillance system should consider the following to generate data that is useful for public health response:

Sewage testing over time can provide trend data that can complement other monitoring data that informs public health decision making.

Low levels of infection in a community may not be captured by sewage surveillance. The smallest number of people shedding the virus in stool that can still be detected by current testing methods are not yet well understood. More data on fecal shedding by infected individuals over the course of disease are needed to better understand the limits of detection.

How do you get started?

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