Harnessing our research to offer innovative diagnostic testing

Developing SDxLabs

Signature Diagnostics established SDxLabs to provide relevant lab services to the community while building the necessary infrastructure to bring Signature’s research to life through novel diagnostic and screening solutions.

In July of 2021, SDxLabs opened its doors to the public as a high complexity molecular diagnostic laboratory certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). During this time, rising COVID-19 cases continued to impact daily life, reinforcing the necessity for accessible testing. The lab implemented COVID-19 PCR testing as an offering to meet testing needs with quality patient experiences and rapid result delivery times. By developing partnerships with local pharmacies and organizations, SDxLabs was able to expand COVID-19 testing to communities throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area, and later throughout regions in the Mid-Atlantic.

Delivering COVID-19 tests during a high-stress environment for patients allowed SDxLabs to form an identity as a dependable diagnostic laboratory that handles every patient interaction with care and accommodation. With the introduction of women’s health services, SDxLabs is dedicated to maintaining exceptional patient experiences and providing patients with the resources they need to make informed health decisions.

Where will our research take us?

As SDxLabs continues to offer established diagnostic and screening services, Signature’s research team is using noninvasive technology to develop novel solutions for the prediction, detection, and understanding of complex diseases on a cellular level.

This is an exciting opportunity to translate our research efforts into commercial products that will improve patient health outcomes. We want to make our novel solutions available to as many people as possible so that we may help them make proactive healthcare decisions that will have a positive impact on their health.

David G. Peters, PhD
Co-founder and Chief Science Officer


Our Mission

Apply a proactive approach to healthcare by empowering patients, providers, and the community with access to the industry’s most advanced diagnostic and screening tools

Our Vision

Enable effective and accessible patient care by delivering novel diagnostic and screening solutions

The framework on which we work is our core values

  • Build meaningful connections and collaborations

    We believe in the impact of connection. By building relationships with each other, patients, partners, researchers, and the community, we all accomplish more.

  • Act with intention and common purpose

    We use each day as an opportunity to demonstrate transparency and mindfulness in our work, both individually and as an organization.

  • Lead and learn from one another

    We learn through exploring questions and sharing ideas. Our combined experience and expertise lead us toward our goals.

  • Embrace smart work and big ideas

    We are not afraid to lean into hard problems. At Signature, ambition and initiative propel our projects forward.

  • Advance into the unknown

    We are explorers by nature, both in outside of research. Our team boldly works not only to answer existing questions, but also to learn what questions to ask in the first place.

  • Reach milestones through Signatures

    We use many definitions of “Signature” to measure progress—from identifying a collection of relevant biomarkers as Signatures to proudly putting the Signature name on our unique research.