COVID-19 testing strategies for your school

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COVID-19 testing is critical for schools everywhere and here’s why

It is critical for schools to have convenient access to COVID-19 testing to ensure that students, faculty, and staff stay healthy and informed. Regular testing can promptly identify and isolate infected people, including those with or without symptoms, so that measures can be taken to prevent further transmission.

Understanding Pooled Testing

COVID-19 pooled testing is a type of screening that looks for the presence of infection in groups to inform health management decisions at the population level. Ongoing screening is especially effective with groups in repeated contact, such as classroom cohorts.

This fast, cost-effective strategy allows for multiple people to be tested at one time. If a pooled test result is negative, then all the specimens can be presumed negative with a single test. A positive test means that each of the specimens in the pool will need to be tested individually to determine which specimen(s) is/are positive.

How Does Sample Pooling Work

  • blood-tube (2)

    Sample Collection:

    Saliva is self-collected into individual tubes

  • blood-sample

    Sample Pooling:

    Individual samples are combined into one test tube to create a pooled sample

  • pcr-test

    Pooled Test:

    Pooled sample is tested using PCR technology to detect COVID-19

  • test-results


    A negative result means all samples in the pool are negative and a positive result will require all individuals in the pooled sample to be tested individually

What Is the Test?

Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing (PCR) is a laboratory technique that allows targeted sequences of DNA to duplicate, to yield a diagnostic result (positive or negative diagnosis) in detecting SARS-CoV-2, more commonly called COVID-19 or Coronavirus. The sample collection method is saliva which is a self-collected specimen that is provided by simply spitting several times into a test tube. This test is non-invasive making it comfortable for everyone.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient data is secured and protected in accordance with HIPAA requirements

On-Site Testing

Tests are done on-site to minimize disruptions

Comfortable Sample Collection

Saliva samples are self-collected by simply spiting into a test tube

Turnkey Solution

Quickly deploy mass-scale, accurate testing at minimal cost

Quick Results

Result reports can be expected the following day

Automated reporting

Results are reported directly back to school admin via email

What does sample pooling cost?

Sample pooling is cost-effective strategy because it allows for multiple people to be tested at one time. SDxLabs will provide upfront pricing based on the size of your organization and testing schedule. Contact SDxLabs for a custom pooling quote for your organization.

Local Resources Through COVID Community Testing Sites

For schools that do not have the resources to test for COVID-19 on site, the CDC recommends collaborating with community-based testing sites for a centralized testing location offered by the school district. SDxLabs is improving access to COVID-19 testing for schools with the help of our pharmacy community testing partners throughout the greater Pittsburgh region.

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