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COVID-19 Concierge Testing

By:  Marjaé Barrett | July 19th, 2022

SDxLabs makes COVID-19 testing easy and convenient for organizations and their employees in the greater Pittsburgh region by providing concierge COVID-19 testing services.

What is concierge COVID-19 testing?

SDxLabs concierge testing program breaks down barriers that may prevent someone from getting a COVID-19 test that they need. A member of our lab team will come to your office to perform your test, return to the lab, and have results delivered to you by email in as little as 4 hours.

The test performed is Rapid Turnaround Time (RT) PCR. A PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is used to detect the presence of a virus from specific genetic material present in a sample. Because they are more accurate and reliable than other forms of testing, PCR tests are considered the golden standard for COVID-19 testing. SDxLabs uses PCR testing as it can quickly identify even the smallest traces of coronavirus in a sample.

Who should use concierge testing services?

Concierge testing is convenient, saves you time, and results are delivered in just 4 hours. We often see this service being used when an individual will be traveling and a negative COVID test is required. This service can also be used when an individual feels as though they may have been exposed or is experiencing symptoms.

For those that are testing for travel, a PCR COVID-19 test is often a requirement, but it is always best to research your destinations testing requirements before you get tested. If your destination requires additional details added to the result report, such as passport number, SDxLabs will tailor the report to meet the travel requirements. If your destination requires additional forms to be complete, we will fill those out for you too. We just ask that you have the forms printed when we come to perform your test.  

SDxLabs concierge testing service can be used for groups or individuals. Whether you are a CEO having to take a last-minute business trip, or a of group employees requiring COVID-19 testing, SDxLabs concierge service is for you.

Booking your concierge test in advance is preferred, when possible, especially for groups. A custom quote will be provided to you based on the number of individuals being tested.

  • Book your COVID-19 concierge testing service by calling (412) 802-2506.
  • Provide your address so a team member can come to your location with the supplies needed to perform your test. Please note that we do not do home visits – offices only.
  • Complete the forms which will be provides by our team to collect the information required to process the test in the lab.
  • After the test is performed, our team member will return the test to our lab where it will be processed and resulted.
  • The result report will be delivered to you by email in as little as 4 hours.

To book your concierge service RT-PCR COVID-19 test or for additional information, contact Helene Colaizzi, Director of Client Success at (412) 802-2506 or

For more information on SDxLabs please visit our website.

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